Remembering NASA Employee David Beverly

Hundreds of people poured into the sanctuary of the Bay Area First Baptist Church to pay tribute to David Beverly. Beverly was the NASA employee who was shot and killed by his co-worker last week. His family called the funeral service a celebration of his life. Houston Public Radio's Laurie Johnson has more.

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Wesley David Beverly was described as a man who had passion for life. He was an adventurous person, known for his faith in God, his love of motorcycles and his support for NASA's space program. Beverly's younger brother, William Jackman, gave the eulogy.

"He has been taken from us for a time, but even now in his death, he is still busy touching the lives of others."

Randall Williams is the pastor of Bay Area First Baptist Church, where Beverly and his wife Linda were members. He spoke at length of the faith that comforted and sustained David Beverly during his life and how that same faith comforts those who are left to mourn him.

"David Beverly may be out of sight for now, but he is not out of existance. We know exactly where he is. We have not lost a husband, we have not lost a brother, we have not lost a co-worker, we have not lost a friend, we have not lost a family member, we know exactly where he is -- absent from the body, present with the Lord. He is now with Jesus."

The service was mostly a time of joyful remembrance of Beverly's life and legacy. A number of friends, including Bob Maddocks shared stories of some of the things that were most important to Beverly. Dozens of fellow motorcyclists were in the room and Maddocks reminded them of a common practice among cyclists to pre-ride roads and check driving conditions before heading out for a bike rally.

"You know I am convinced dear friends that as we sit here celebrating and giving tribute to David Beverly's life of love and sharing, that he is conducting really the ultimate pre-ride. Checking out the road conditions and probably bending a few curves on those heavenly streets of gold. We miss you Dave, but God has really told us that this life is but a mist, and we're going to all be joining you at His rally real soon. God speed."

Beverly worked for NASA's space program for two decades. He was killed April 20th, when his co-worker Bill Phillips entered the building they both worked in and shot him to death. He's survived by Linda Beverly, his wife of 41 years. Laurie Johnson, Houston Public Radio News.

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