Katrina Evacuees Face FEMA Deadline

FEMA says August 31st is the last day it will pay housing benefits for Hurricane Katrina evacuee families from New Orleans. That's why FEMA will hold a job fair next week to help evacuees start taking care of themselves. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Community Settlement Task Force spokeswoman Cindy Gabriel says they know other deadlines have always been extended, but this one is the final deadline. Gabriel says able bodied evacuees who haven't found employment, and are still in FEMA housing will be expected to start supporting themselves by August 31st.

"There's a strong message we would really like to get to all able bodied evacuees. If you have not found employment, we are here to help you."

Gabriel says that's the number one goal of the Resource Fair the Community Settlement Resource Center will hold next week.

"There are reasons to come besides help with getting a job, but that is going to be the main focus of this. We have case workers who have nothing to do but create a plan for you, and we'll help you get back on your feet."

The Resource Fair for Katrina evacuees will be Monday and Tuesday at the Power Center on South Main at South Post Oak. There's more information about it in a link on our website KUHF dot org. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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