Students Learn the Joy of Writing Through Poetry

Writers in the Schools, or WITS, is a non-profit with the mission to engage children with the pleasure and power of reading and writing. Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports that again this year WITS is offering a project called A Poem A Day.

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"A Poem A Day is a project that we started, this is our 5th year, and what we do is we choose poems written by students in the Writers in the Schools program, and we choose one for each day of the month for the month of April."

Robin Reagler is WITS Executive Director. WITS volunteer professional writers visit classrooms weekly to conduct workshops and help students learn to express themselves with the written word. Reagler says poetry seems to be particularly appealing to young people.

"Poetry is probably the most intense form of writing; we're trying to get a lot of meaning into a very small package. The challenge of saying something that's important to them in very few words is often very entertaining and meaningful to them."

With a tap in my watch, I can
Decide how old you are.
I create things at full speed
Beyond your imagination.
I discovered light while doing an experiment.
I am not what you think, but
at the same time I'm everything
you think.
The flag of your country is a
Couple of pieces of my shirt.
I created superheroes. They work
For me and only me.
Math is something I though of
With only one same cell of my brain.
I am anything and everything I
To be.

Storie Nivers is a 4th grader at Eagle Heights Christian Academy. Here's her poem.

"Anything, Everything"

I am anything I want to be.
My arms are made up of the
seven wonders of the world.
My tears are tsunamis.
I have power beyond everyone's
I invented the best creation
Known to man: plastic.
If I went to lunch everyday,
There would be no spoon
High enough for me.
I'm taller than the Twin Towers.
I invented you with the blink
Of my eye.
When my first universe was destroyed I cried,
Creating oceans

Storie is a very polite girl and she's thrilled that her poem was selected for A Poem A day. She says it took her about 30 minutes to compose and it just sort of happened. 4th grader Kevin Murphy goes to T.H. Rogers Elementary School and was inspired when he wrote "Paradise"

"Well, I was just thinking of one of my favorite vacations I did. There was this amazing beach I went to and pretty much I just tried to describe it as much as I could in this poem."


The boy skips along the beach
In his paradise

He stops and watches the foaming waves
In his paradise.

A crab scuttles around his feet
In his paradise.

The water laps against his toes
In his paradise.

The sand is his castle now
In his paradise.

He's the king of all the beach
In his paradise.

He lies down on the sand, and
He's in his paradise.

Writers in the Schools works toward helping students learn to be precise, concise and accurate and Robin Reagler believes that poetry is a particularly good tool in that endeavor. To see the poems so far and for those yet to come, you find a link at

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