Swimming Pool Safety

With the onset of warmer weather, Houston Police are joining a number of other public service agencies in a campaign to promote swimming pool safety. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Houston Police spokeswoman Johanna Abad says there are hundreds of thousands of public and private swimming pools in the Houston area, and a disturbing number of children drown in them every year.

"With the summer season coming, and schools letting out, or even holiday weekends with warm weather, we start seeing those incidents happen."

Abad says a lack of parental or adult supervision is the one thing almost all child drownings and near drownings have in common. Unsecured pools, abandoned pools, and pools at vacant houses are another problem, and people shouldn't ignore them.

"If you know your next door neighbor, or the house next door to you, has a pool that is filled in but is not occupied, please notify somebody so something can be done."

HPD is joining the city and county health departments, the parks department, the Red Cross, and more than a dozen other agencies and organizations in a campaign to educate parents and children about swimming pool safety. They'll launch the campaign this Saturday on what they're calling April Pools Day. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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