Charter School Could End-Up on High School Campus

A bold new plan to open a charter school inside a Houston high school could get preliminary approval at next Thursday's district board meeting. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams has details.

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The collaboration would be the first of its kind in Houston, with a charter school set-up on the campus of Lee High School in southwest Houston. If approved by the school board, the YES Prep school would enroll 6th graders starting next year and eventually educate students in grades 6-12. Lee High School principal Steve Amstutz says the partnership should help both schools.

"We'll be taking advantage of each other's strengths. We'll be learning lessons from each other. I'm sure we'll be spurred and encouraged to keep up with each other. We think that that will result in nothing but greater outcomes for the young people in our neighborhood."

Amstutz says students should have the option of the charter school or the public school and this is the first step toward blending those options.

"A fundamental premise of this idea is school choice and that we want children and we want families to be able to look and to shop and to find schools that best suit the needs of their children and we think that they'll have two great options on this campus with YES Charter and Lee High School."

Houston-based YES Charter schools are free, with open enrollment.

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