Supporters Gather to Save the Center

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee and others gathered to show support for the Center Serving Persons with Mental Retardation. The city has said it wants to sell the property. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports

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"These are IV poles that we're doing... What does 'IV poles' mean? They're for the hospitals, that's what they are for."

50 year-old Joy Moore is working on one of the contract jobs that provides work for people living at the Center. Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee says she supports the Center staying where it is.

"This was an area that was accommodating because it was not in a congested area, we are a lucky city, it's been built up around it, but so be it, this is a convenient, well-known campus that works off of each other."

A handful of other social service agencies are in the same location along West Dallas. On the other side of the street are several condo projects.Board member Jack Manning...

"We cannot pay fair market value for this property, nor should we have to, nor should any other charitable organization."

Center officials are hoping an agreement can be reached to keep the facility where it is located. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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