Airport Crush

The Houston Airport System is putting out the word that record crowds and record traffic will be the rule at both Houston airports this weekend. It's because of spring break. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell explains.

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Both airport lobbies are full of college and high school kids heading out on spring break and coming home from spring break, and that doesn't count all the parents, friends and significant others taking them to the airport or picking them up. Airport system spokeswoman Marlene McClinton says extra airport police and personnel are on duty at both airports to keep the ground traffic moving, but people still need to be patient.

"There are just more people, there's just more traffic, more cars, and so leave yourself some time. And if you're picking someone up, don't try to circle the airport waiting for them."

McClinton says people picking someone up at Bush should wait off-site at the Cell Phone Lot and wait to be called. She also reminds spring breakers going out of the country to take their passport, because they'll need it to get back into the country. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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