Senator Hutchison Voices Concerns to Veteran's Committee

The nine-member presidential commission created to examine care for wounded soldiers meets for the first time. The co-chairs of the panel met with key lawmakers in Washington including Republican Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison who serves on the Veteran's Committee. Benjamin Shaw Reports.

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Bob Dole a former Republican Senator from Kansas and Donna Shalala who served in the Clinton administration as Secretary of Health and Human Services met briefly with Hutchison to hear her concerns.

"Really the biggest problem is the seamless transition from active duty to VA and how we can better handle that in a uniform way so that nothing gets lost, the treatment is seamless and it's efficient."

She says the army needs to catch up to the Veterans' Administration's in terms of electronic record keeping.

She says the VA facilities in Texas are very well regarded but says there are complaints about unnecessary delays in admitting people INTO the VA system.For Houston Public Radio, I'm Benjamin Shaw on Capitol Hill.

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