BP Settlement Donation Recipients Announced

The woman whose parents were killed in the BP Texas City refinery explosion is announcing recipients of some of the settlement money she received in 2006. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reports.

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Eva Rowe's parents were killed in the 2005 explosion and fire at the BP Texas City refinery. She reached a settlement for millions of dollars--the exact amount, never announced. But as part of the settlement, she's forming a $1 million college scholarship fund at Hornbeck High School, where her mother taught, and making a $1 million donation to St. Jude's Children's Research Center.

"St. Jude's was actually my parents' favorite charity. Whenever I was younger my dad would always do like the St. Jude's Bike-a-thon."

These aren't the only donations Rowe has made with the settlement funds.

"We donate $12.5 million to UTMB's burn center, $12.5 million to Texas A&M's process safety school, which trains the men and women who work the control rooms in the plants and refineries and we also donated $5 million to the College of the Mainland in Galveston. We have a $6 million matching fund, and BP's going to match it, to the three main charities, which is UTMB, A&M and the college of the Mainland."

She intends to continue making charitable donations.

"I just want to be a goodwill ambassador for the rest of my life. We're going to Austin on the 23rd to speak with all the Texas legislators to pass the Eva Bill, which changes a lot of things in the refinery and safety culture at refineries."

Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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