Crime Lab Report Should Be Complete in April

It's been nine months since the last report from a special investigator looking into operations at the Houston Police Department Crime Lab, a process taht has taken nearly two years. Now, Michael Bromwich says the end is near, with a final report due in just a couple months. Here's more from Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams.

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Bromwich says he resumed the investigation in early November after halting the probe because of funding issues. Now he says a final report should be ready in early April.

"I think everyone, including us, wishes it were already done and I very much regret that the funding issues slowed things down. I believe we actually started our work in about April of '05. We had two funding interruptions and if those hadn't happened I think we would have been done probably sometime last Fall."

He says the investigation right now is focused on older serology cases and also on developing recommendations on how the crime lab can improve.

"We all know that they have been accredited but I think that city council and the mayor and everyone really wants to get above the floor that's established by accreditation and have a set of recommendations which they can use to hold the lab accountable and help make the lab the best that it can be."

Bromwich says he won't need more than the $5.2 million the city has already spent on the investigation.

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