METRO Cracks Down on HOV Violators

METRO police have changed how they patrol HOV lanes and are cracking down on violators. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.

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METRO's HOV system is just shy of 113 miles and is the largest in the United States. METRO Police Chief Tom Lambert says they are cracking down on those who miss use the system.

"We now have officers on motorcycles that we've assigned to the HOV's. Instead of just having an officer just focus on a lane by themselves, we're doing some taskforces."

As a result the number of citations issued has gone up from about 65-hundred in 2005 to more than ten-thousand in 2006. HOV is meant to increase travel time speed and encourage car pooling.

"Basically they're designed for about 15,000 vehicles per hour. So if you run more than that you begin to break down the services, the level, the speeds on the freeways, the HOV. So we want to be able to manage that."

The two most heavily used HOV lanes were along the Katy Freeway and the North Freeway. The Katy Freeway had the most violators with 41 percent of citations issued last year. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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