Ice Storm? Crews are Ready Just in Case

The potential of icy weather in the Houston area tonight or tomorrow morning means crews in the city, the Texas Department of Transportation and Centerpoint Energy are all on stand-by. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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With the possibility of icy roads for the morning commute, the Texas Department of Transportation has trucks of sand on stand-by, ready to apply to slick roads if the need arises. Bridges and overpasses typically ice-over first and TX-DOT's Janelle Gbur says road conditions in counties to the north are the biggest concern.

"In our area of responsibility, we are looking at Waller and Montgomery County through the Conroe area as being our primary area of focus, but we will have crews also on stand-by in central Houston and west Harris County just in case it extends further into the metopolitan area of Houston."

Centerpoint Energy will also have extra crews on hand tonight and tomorrow to respond to calls of downed powerlines due to the ice. The company's Leticia Lowe says the plan is to be flexible.

"We have hundreds of linemen and we have contractors in the Houston area that we can call on and what we have to keep in mind is not our entire service territory would probably be impacted so we can always move crews from our less affected service territories to those areas what will need our help."

Lowe says during icy conditions, tree limbs freeze and fall onto powerlines, which causes the power outages. The city of Houston has road crews on stand-by, ready to spread crushed limestone on streets if they ice-over.

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