Electronic Recycling

The life of a computer is approximately three to five years, leaving many people unsure how to dispose of their older computers. The Electronic Scrap Recycling program collects and recycles retired computers and other electronic scraps to preserve the environment.

Solid Waste Department manager Marina Joseph says disposing electronics can be harmful.

"And the cathode ray tubes in monitor can be up about 27% lead. Other chemicals such as cadmium and lithium, they're found in rechargeable batteries. Mercury, they're found in switches and lamps, as well as chromium, um, can be found and those can be potentially hazardous"

To prevent such repercussions, the city of Houston collects the old technology where it is dismembered. The electronics are then separated into hazardous and recyclable materials. Joseph says recycled electronics require less energy to make new products, and they cut costs to clean the water supply.

"We also, um, we're reducing waste that, you know, instead of cutting down or using raw materials, we're spreading the life of those materials. We're saving landfill space. Also we're, um, it, you know, disposing of those materials becomes expensive and and also takes more to clean up the water supply if things have leached into it."

To learn more about recycling your retired electronics or to find a recycling center in your neighborhood, log onto KUHF-dot-org.

NAPO Houston in conjunction with Get Organized Month is hosting "Clean out that Computer Room! Recycling Day". Saturday, January 13, 2007 from 12-3 pm at Micro Center 1717 West Loop Drive.

Locations to recycle old electronics
-11500 S. Post Oak
-5614 Naches
-5900 Westpark

For More information, call (713)-551-7355 or log onto www.houstonsolidwaste.org

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