The Front Row, 01/08/2007

Shepherd School of Music faculty composer Anthony Brandt talks about a new online music appreciation course he's developed called Sound Reasoning and we take a look at some of the photographs in the Target Collection of American Photograpy at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. . .

Anthony Brandt talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about his on-line music appreciation course Sound Reasoning. He also walk us through a portion of it complete with musical examples taken from the course which is offered on Rice University's Connexions website.ξListenξ Downloadξ

Marie Spezial leads the Shepherd School of Music Brass Choir in music by Arthur Gottchalk andξChris Brubeck.

KUHF's Catherine Lu heads over to the Museumξof Fine Arts Houstonξto meet Assistant Curator of Photography Marisa Sanchez for a tour of theξTarget Collection of American Photography. ξListenξ Downloadξξ *Extended Interview*


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