Trash Bags Need Tags for the Holidays

The holiday season means more trash for most Houston residents and officials with the city's solid waste department are reminding them they need special tags for the extra garbage. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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The city's "Tags for Bags" program is the result of a 2002 ordinance that required the stickers for extra trash. It's an effort to reduce the amount of garbage in landfills and also makes it easier of trash collectors during the holiday rush. Any extra trash bags or boxes above and beyond what fits inside the city-issued 90-gallon containers are required to have the tags. The city's Marina Joseph says the tags are available at local HEB, Fiesta and Sellers Brothers Stores.

"They can also call 3-1-1, they can also obtain them from the city. The tags are $1 per tag."

Bags that contain yard trimmings aren't required to have the tags. Joseph says the tags can be used anytime.

"Throughout the year they can use this. It's not just during this time it's anytime during the year. Say for instance you have a big party or something like that, you have those tags already available."

There is no city trash collection on Monday or Tuesday of next week. The tags can also be ordered online at

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