Child Support Evaders

Saying that children deserve to be loved and cared, for the state is out with a new top 10 list. Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports the list of child support evaders comes from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

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"These are the worst of the worst. Those who have not only not taken care of their children, but have run a up a big bill in past due child support, and now have gone into hiding."

The group as a whole owes more than $680,000 in child support. Topping the list is Houstonian Jesus Silva who owes almost $95,000 in unpaid child support.

"Without capturing Jesus Silva, without holding him accountable, without putting him behind bars, the children are getting absolutely nothing. The only way we are going to insure some justice for these children is helping Mr. Silva realize there are real penalties for not living up to his responsibility to take care of his children."

Cynthia Silva says her children are 15, 16 and 18 and while things aren't as tough now as they were when the kids were younger, they still do without.

"When they were younger it was very hard, me not being able to afford a car and having to ride the bus getting them to and from day care, and just being able to buy clothes for them and it was just hard and having to depend on parents, my parents to help out and friends, having to borrow money. And, of course, depending on the state for the medical. Right now we are doing fine, but like I said I still can't is very expensive so I can not afford to go out and buy that so I do have my children on CHIP. I don't have ay insurance for myself."

Attorney General Abbott has a toll free hotline for any information on child support evaders, it is 1-866-evaders. You'll find photos and more information on the Attorney General's web page...there is a link at

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