Christmas Bonus From Uncle Sam? IRS Says Yes

Hundreds of Houston area residents might have some extra cash coming to them this holiday season in the form of IRS refund checks. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, the government wants to return the money, but needs updated contact information from the people it belongs to.

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The IRS says around 7600 Texans have refunds worth $6.4 million coming to them, checks returned to the IRS this year because addresses have changed. In the Houston-area, 1300 residents missed-out on their refund checks for various reasons. Lea Crusberg is with the IRS's Houston office.

"These refund checks come back for a lot of reasons. There may be a life-change for a taxpayer. Somebody got married, they didn't file a change of address. Many things may cause a refund check to get returned back to the Internal Revenue Service."

Crusberg says taxpayers who haven't gotten their refunds can go to the IRS website at and update their contact information.

"There is a key item that says Where is my refund? They have to put in some information as well as the amount of the refund, then it will take about 4-6 weeks for them to get that money once they've contacted the IRS."

Crusberg says taxpayers who e-file will always get their refunds either direct deposited or sent to their current addresses. You can see a list of Houston-area residents who have refunds coming on our website,

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