The Front Row, 11/27/2006

We talk with the much-honored, Texas-born artist James Surls about the new exhibit he has curated at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft and we hear from Jungian psycoanalyst Dr. Ronald Schenk about the nature of that elusive quality called Beauty, how it affects us, and what happens to us when it's missing from our lives. . .

Dr. Betty Devine talks with TFR host Dean Dalton about the upcoming holiday concert, AξChristmas Potpourri, presented byξThe Houston ChoralξSociety. ξListenξ Download

TFR Producer Bob Stevenson heads over the the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft to talk withξcurator James Surls andξartists Charmaine Locke and Brian Reid about the exhibition Finding Balance.ξξListenξ Downloadξ *Extended Interview*

Jungian Psycoanalyst Dr. Ronald Schenkξtalks with Dean Dalton aboutξsome of the ideasξin his recent book, The Sould of Beauty: A Psycological Investigation of Appearance. ξListenξ Downloadξ




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