The Front Row, 11/21/2006

We listen in on The Enso Quartet as they try out a new matched set of instruments made by the London based luthier Nigel Harris. They play music by Dvorak and Ljova in KUHF's Performance Studio. We also talk with actors Andrea Mualella and Mark Shanahan about the Alley Theatre's new prodcution of Karonline Leach's romantic thriller Tryst. . .

Actors Andrea Muadellaξand Mark Shanahanξtalk with Dean Dalton about the current production of Karonline Leach's Trystξpresented by the Alley Theatre. ξListenξ Download

Members of the Enso String Quartet gather, along with violin maker Nigel Harris, in the KUHF Performance Studio toξtry out a new set of matched instruments.ξThey play music by Dvorak and aξoffer a world premiere ofξBagel onξthe Malecon by the New York basedξviolist/composer Ljova. KUHF's Afternoon Concert host Chris Johnsonξanchors the session. ξListenξ Downloadξ *Extended Interview*

TFR host Dean Daltonξgoes on-location withξUniversityξof HoustonξProfessor of Architecture Tom Diehl and his collegue Celeste Williams to talk about the design of the River Oaks Shopping Center and Theatre, one ofξHouston's landmarks soon to be torn down and cleared for commercial development.ξ Listenξ Download




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