Enron the Musical

There have been many aspects to the Enron saga, beginning with rumors of shady business practices and the shredding of documents, and culminating with the collapse of the company, investigations and trials. But as Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice reports the one thing you have yet to see is...Enron the musical.

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Enron the Musical is Mark Fraser's from start to finish, from top to bottom.

"There's Mark Fraser the writer, Mark Fraser the director and then Mark Fraser the producer. I actually had a buddy that would have put up the money for me but then I realized he gets to make the money if it does well, and I so believed in my product that I said you know what, I'll risk, so I put up the money and, uh, it's a lot."

It all began about four years ago with some Enron parody lyrics to several songs. Then a couple years later Fraser began to develop the idea and the end result is Enron-The Musical in two acts.

Fraser says the musical contains all the well known characters and one who is a former Enron employee.

"And he's talking to his wife and two friends in a narration format and then they go into scenes of the actual characters."

Fraser says it is kind of a cabaret style show.

"People are going to be moving on an off the stage. There are six cast members but they play multiple parts. They might play eight different people but we clearly identify each one as they come on. There's a lot of movement on this...a lot of action."

Fraser writes a column for "Inside Texas Running" but this is his first play. He says the challenge was not in the writing.

"It's editing, editing, editing. I facetiously tell people that if I made a million dollars on it wouldn't be minimum wage, and that's really not far from the truth."

You'll find a link to Enron-The Musical at kuhf.org. It runs December 1st through the 3rd at Lambert Hall in the Heights.

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