Artists to Use Allen Parkway as Canvas

The pavement on Allen Parkway will serve as a blank canvas for artists this weekend. Cars will give way to art this weekend for Via Colori. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports.

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The painting will begin at Sam Houston Park and continue for a quarter mile down Allen Parkway. This is the first time a Via Colori event is being held in Houston. The Center for Hearing and Speech will benefit from the event which is free to the public. Community Relations Manager Lori Grubbs...

"When the public comes our artists will be starting from scratch so their squares on the street will be blank, their pallet will be blank. so they actually get to see artists as they are creating their work as they are sketching it out, adding colors and shades, layering, so they actually get to see art as it comes to life."

150 artists will paint along Allen Parkway. John Palmer is the featured artists for this weekend's event.

John Palmer's collage for Via Colori"About four or five months ago I created a feature canvas piece of art for Via Colori and The Center for Hearing and Speech and it was a collage of a lot of articles that had been written about children who had been affected in a great way by The Center. I collaged those onto the canvas and then on top of the collage added a lot of color and texture and a lot of movement. And then I'm going to get that image and recreate it in a format of 12 by 12 as the beginning of the row of artists start. So that will be the first piece people see as they start from Sam Houston Park."

The painting begins at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and continues through Sunday. People strolling by will be able to see the art develop over time. Palmer says people can gain a greater appreciation.

"Art is the creation and I think a lot of people get left out of that cycle because they buy the finished product. But by coming to this festival on November 18th and 19th they are able to actually see art, art being created. I think that's what art really is. They are going to see the formation of these paintings and the expressions of the artists as they are working and I think that's a magical thing to experience."

Via Colori is not just about observation. The Center's Grubbs says there will be a children's section for those who would like to do more than watch the art being created.

"Children for ten dollars can get a two foot by two foot square so they get to watch all these artists creating art and then they get to create their own so it's a great way for them to be able to apply what they've gotten to see."

But don't wait until Monday morning rush hour to see a finished product on Allen Parkway. More than 500 pounds of pastels will be used to create the art and it will all be washed away Sunday evening. You can see examples of some of the art that will be created on our website, KUHF dot org. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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