Sekula Gibbs Staff Quits

On Monday, Shelley Sekula Gibbs officially took office as Tom DeLay's temporary replacement, but by Wednesday, several members of her staff decided theyd had enough. Chad Pergram has the story from Capitol Hill.

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Monday night, aides briefed Shelley Sekula Gibbs as she strolled to the Capitol to be sworn-in and cast her first votes as a member of congress.

Sekula Gibbs:"Yes Sir".....
Aide: "Did you get a chance to look over what's going to happen procedurally?
Sekula Gibbs: "No"
Aide: "So right now, we're headed over the meet the clerk outside of the ceremonial office....."

But by Wednesday night, Sekula Gibbs ranks dwindled. Sekula Gibbs term only runs 51 days. But that was apparently 49 too many for at least seven staffers who abruptly quit including one who was only hired that day.

Sekula Gibbs: "It is a peculiar situation."

Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs.

Sekula Gibbs: "They just kind of left"
Pergram: "How'd that make you feel?"
Sekula Gibbs: "Well, I don't like to discuss employee relations, but it was a surprise."
Pergram: "One report out there said that they left because you were....quote..."mean".
Sekula Gibbs: "Now, I think that I certainly didn't get any feedback from them in that regard."

Sekula Gibbs campaign telephone number remains in operation. There, you'll find this message.

Phone Message: "If you'd like to get involved, please leave a message after the tone and one of our great volunteers will get in touch with you as soon as possible."

Which begs the question...if that plea for help still applies now? For Houston Public Radio, I'm Chad Pergram on Capitol Hill.

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