The Front Row, 11/15/2006

We had a visit from the Peter Kiesewalter of the East Village Opera Company on today's program. That ensemble takes arias from the standard operatic repertoire and fits them out with electrified arrangements heavy on the back-beat, and then turns their amps up to 11! They play two sets this Saturday at Warehouse Live. . .

Moores School of Music Director of Orchestras FranzξAnton Krager and former Moores Society President Phillip Berquist talk with Dean Dalton about theξSibelius Festival taking placeξthis week at the University of Houston.ξξξListenξ Download

Tracy Gary is a Philanthropist and giving advisor in addition to being the founder and President of Inspired Legacies.ξShe talks with Bob Stevenson about the current state of arts funding in Houston on this National Philanthropy Day 2006.ξξξListenξ Download

Peter Kiesewalter is the arranger and multi-instrumentalist who co-founded the East Village Opera Company. He talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about that groups uniqueξblend of rock and opera. The EVOC plays two sets this Saturday night at Houston's Warehouse Live sponsored by Society for the Performing Arts.ξξListenξ Download

Singer-Actress Susan Anton plays Miss Sandra in the current national tour of the musical All Shook Up. She talks about the show with TFR producer Bob Stevenson.ξ Listenξ Downloadξ *Extended Interview*



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