UH Tech Lab Opens, Will Serve as Teaching Tool

A new technology lab at the University of Houston will allow students and faculty to "text drive" state-of-the-art communications networks. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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The University of Houston, AT&T Technology Lab houses the latest in telecommunications, networking and computing technology and will serve as a teaching and research tool. Dr. William Fitzgibbon is the Dean of the College of Technology.

"It's actually a network. You can simulate wide-area networks and communication networks. So it's a test, a demonstration, a teaching facility. You can also do research on it for things like security. It runs the whole educational gamut from research to demonstration and training to teaching."

The Technology Lab was made possible through a $1 million grant from AT&T. The company's Sonya Perez says the lab will benefit not only students and faculty, but the entire community.

"This lab is going to allow researchers and students at the University of Houston to kick the tires so-to-speak regarding new and emerging technologies. An area like Houston is going the benefit directly. Consumers in Houston are going to benefit directly from the research that the University of Houston is going to conduct in the AT&T Technology Center."

The Center is located at the University of Houston College of Technology building and will also be used for training sessions and seminars.

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