HPD Red Light Cameras

The Houston Police Department announced the second set of Red Light Cameras are on line. That makes a total of 20 cameras that monitor intersections for red light runners. Houston Public Radio's Paul Pendergraft has more on how affective the cameras have been.

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The first ten cameras went live back in early September and in just two months, thousands of alleged violators have been caught.

"There have been more than 4,300 violations that have been sent to us over an eight week period and we have approved 3,700 of those...."

John Cannon with the Houston Police Department says those accused violators were essentially caught red handed.

"We have a lot of motorists, thousands of them, who are flagrantly going through the red light. This isn't just going through a yellow light that turns red..These are individuals who are going through seconds after the light has turned red. In one case we had one car that waited 15 seconds the light was red for 15 seconds and the car went through."

The fine for this violation is $75 and anyone caught will receive notice of the violation...they'll be able to view a photo and a video clip of the alleged offense and will have the opportunity to protest in court or simply pay the fine.

The next set of 10 cameras will be in various locations including four intersections along the Southwest Freeway.

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