Biggio Stays An Astro, Signs New Contract

Longtime Houston Astro Craig Biggio hopes to finish his career here after signing a one-year contract with the team for next season, his 20th in the big leagues. As Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports, the club's all-time hits leader hopes to close-in on a major milestone in 2007.

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Biggio started with the Astros as a rookie catcher in 1988 and has become the face over the team over the years, mostly as a second baseman. Soon to turn 41, Biggio signed a $5 million contract, which could be his last with Houston as he closes in on 3000 career hits. He'd be the first Astro to hit that mark and the 27th in major league history.

"I mean it's a nice thing for myself, but I want it for my family and what I really want it for is I want if for the people of the city of Houston. I think they deserve it. They deserve to have it and I'm going to do everything humanly possible that I can in order to get that for them and that would be the ultimate payback for me and my family to give back to the fans and say thank you for all your support."

Biggio is the Astros leader in most offensive categories, including hits, runs, doubles and total bases. He's one of the rare players in today's game to spend his entire career with the same club. He's played in 7 All-Star games and is the first player in major league history to make the All-Star team as a catcher and a second baseman.

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