District 22 Write-In Voting

Despite predictions that write-in voting in the 22nd Congressional District race would cause delays and long lines at the polls, voters at one Sugar Land precinct are having no problems with the voting machines or the write-procedures. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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Houston Public Radio spot-checked the heavily Republican Sugar Creek area in Sugar Land, because it has large numbers of Republicans who would have to use the E-Slate's write-in feature in order to vote for the Republican congressional candidate. Three hours into the election, Election Judge Theresa Raia said nearly 300 people had voted, but only a handful had asked for help. She says it does take a little longer to enter a name in the E-Slate, but she thinks county officials have done a good job of educating voters on how to use them.

"They're very accustomed to using the machine, because this is about their third or fourth election they've used the E-Slate. They were a little bit hesitant at the very beginning, when the race on the write-in started, but I think they received information on how to do it they feel more comfortable."

Fort Bend County Commissioner Andy Meyers has never liked the new E-Slates. He voted against buying them, but he lost that vote.

"My concern was that there was no paper verification to give people confidence that if there was some irregularity or whatever, they could go to a paper ballot and count it by hand if they wanted to."

Meyers said at mid morning that he hadn't heard of any problems or irregularities, and he's always one of the first people voters complain to when things go wrong. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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