Local Fans Get a Kick Out of Houston Dynamo

Houston is known as the "clutch city" because of the success of the Rockets and Comets in basketball, the Aeros in hockey, and the Astros trip to the World Series last year. But now you can add the Dynamo to that list, a soccer team that's on the edge of advancing to the major league soccer championship. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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In its inaugural season in Houston, the Dynamo has won both soccer matches and soccer fans, drawing thousands to home games at Robertson Stadium at the University of Houston. The Dynamo finished in second place in the Western Conference during the regular season and will host the Colorado Rapids Sunday in the MLS Western Conference Final. Head coach Dominic Kinnear says he's not surprised fans have supported soccer in Houston.

"Everyone said before we came that is was a good area for soccer fans and there was a huge Hispanic community here along with some other minority groups that are pretty soccer crazy. Our job first and foremost was to try and win games and put what we feel in an attractive product on the field and it's their job to believe in us and I think we've kind of worked well with each other and that's why we have such good numbers."

The Dynamo officially made the move to Houston late last year from San Jose and have found a home here and soccer fans like Kyle Nowotni.

"It's great to finally have a team. I think we should have had a team here to begin with, when was that, '96 would have been better. Obviously we're proving that we have good attendance here. We are one of the top attendance-wise teams in the league."

Sunday's match begins at 6 p.m. at Robertson Stadium at the University of Houston. If Houston wins, they advance to the MLS Cup next Sunday in the Dallas area.

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