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People interested in working in public education may be interested to know that the Houston School District is looking to hire a few hundred substitute teachers, and it will hold a job fair for that purpose this coming Monday. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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HISD has nearly 13,000 fulltime teachers at more than 300 schools, and on any given day anywhere from 500 to a thousand substitutes are needed to fill in for those who're absent for one reason or another. Staffing Manager Diana Mulet says she needs a pool of about 2500 people who can be on call to work when needed, and substitutes can work as much as they want.

"We'd like to have them working every day but we understand that they may not be available every day, that's why we want a large pool. We ask for a minimum of eight days per month."

Mulet says she hopes this job fair will help her fill a number of substitute slots in HISD's east and north regions.

"We have more people that have expressed to us that they'd prefer to go to other areas, but we're specifically looking and putting out a call for people who live on the north side of town and the east side of town."

Qualifications: a four year degree and teaching certification are preferred, but two years of college is acceptable. People must be fluent in English and pass a criminal background check. The job fair is Monday at 2pm at HISD headquarters on West 18th, and Mulet says people should get there early because those who arrive late won't be considered. People can apply online at, but those who come to the job fair will get first consideration. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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