Website Helps Voters Learn About Politicians Already in Office

It's well known that there's power in incumbency for politicians going into an election. But when voters go to the polls, how well do they really know how their congressperson performed in elected office? Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports a new website is helping voters learn what a politician did in office.

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Vince Couch is founder of The site provides an easier way of finding out a congressperson's voting record. Couch says during an election year voters can easily see how their representative performed before casting a ballot for the incumbent.

"Incumbent re-election rate is 95 percent or better, on average 95 percent. And yet the overall approval rating of government usually hovers in the 50 to 60 percent range. So I think that tells you right now there's a lot of uninformed voting going on."

But before users see the congressional voting record, they are encouraged to read the bills and vote themselves.

"Forces people to read the issue. I mean for each of the high profile bills voted on the last several years, there's a one page summary, in some cases two and three pages, so yes we've required the visitor to work, to read and think about this bill before they cast their vote."

Couch hopes the website will be useful before and after the election. He and his team of two select legislation that is in the news. Users can read the bills, vote themselves and that information will be passed on to representatives in Congress before a vote. A link to the site can be found at KUHF dot org. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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