Program Safegaurds Children From Sex Offenders

A program to safeguard children from sex offenders during Halloween festivities tomorrow night will include increased patrols and unannounced visits from Harris County Precinct 6 and 7 deputies.

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The program is part of Precinct 6 Constable Victor Trevino's effort to protect kids from sexual predators who might take advantage of children out trick-or-treating tomorrow night. Trevino says registered sex offenders should leave their porch lights turned off and should not hand out candy.

"We don't want them to decorate their homes and my deputies tomorrow will have an increase of patrol. We're probably going to have an extra 12 patrol cars out there visiting different parts of my precinct to specifically look at the areas of the sex offenders of where they're registered and where they live."

Trevino says four years ago, Precinct 6 was home to 500 registered sex offenders and now there are around 300 living there.

"I think it's very critical for us in law enforcement to partner with not only other law enforcement agencies but with probation and parole. They have specific information of individuals that are registered sex offenders that I think if we go and visit their homes, sex offenders have the highest recidivism rate than any other criminal. The message that we're trying to get across to them is that we're going to be watching them."

Trevino says deputies aren't trying to harass registered sex offenders, but are instead trying to help them comply with conditions of their parole or probation, which includes no contact with children.

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