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Taking a cue from New York and several other cities, Houston is launching a program that will provide personal "greeters" who will help visitors find their way around the city, so they'll go home with good memories of their time in Houston. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell has that story.

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It's called Houston Greeters, and it's a free service that provides volunteers who can spend several hours taking a visitor wherever he or she wants to go. Popular restaurants, museums, golf courses and other local attractions. Director Susan Borches says their mission is to help people enjoy their time in Houston.

"It's such a big spread out place here in Houston, and the way people can really remember a city, we believe, is to have that human connection, so that's what we're attempting to do."

Borches says Greeters are not tour guides because they don't give tours. Visitors who go to the Houston Greeters website can be matched with someone who is knowledgable about whatever the visitor is interested in seeing.

"So the visitor selects what aspect of Houston he'd like to learn more about, be it the Rodeo, or the Museum of Fine Arts, or Literary Houston, or local cuisine, and then we connect the visitor with our greeter who more or less specializes in that topic."

This program is patterned after similar volunteer greeter services in New York, Chicago and several other cities, and Borches says they're now recruiting people who can be Houston Greeters. There's more information and an application in a link on our website KUHF dot org. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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