White Oak Bayou

Officials at the Harris County Flood Control District say years of work along White Oak Bayou have paid off, because that formerly flood prone waterway did not flood yesterday, even when torrential rains were pounding the city. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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White Oak Bayou meanders across densely populated northwest Houston into Buffalo Bayou near downtown. It's flooded numerous times over the years but it didn't flood yesterday, even after six to ten inches of rain. Flood Control District spokeswoman Heather Saucier says a lot of work has been done on White Oak since heavy flooding damaged thousands of homes in 1998 and 2001.

"We have widened and deepened the bayou from Tidwell Road, all the way upstream to Beltway 8. In addition to that, we have excavated eight large stormwater detention basins."

Saucier says every bayou in the county was running at bankful yesterday, and all but two in north and northeast Harris County stayed in their banks.

"Hunting and Hall's Bayous are notorious for coming out of their banks when they receive too much rain, and this is simply because that area received so much rain and those channels have limited capacity. The good news is that we have planned projects for both Hunting and Hall's Bayous."

Saucier says the Flood Control District has spent about a billion dollars on various projects around the county just in the past seven or eight years, and the work is ongoing. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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