Cowboy Way

While most wouldn't consider a cowboy and a horse integral parts of the teaching profession, they are primary tools for a local education outreach program. Houston Public Radio Intern Sal Maneen explains in this report.

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The Cowboy is Dr. Don Hutson, founder of "The Cowboy Solution," a program which teaches teachers how to better educators.

Standing fully clad in hats, chaps and boots, the former teacher and businessman-turned horse trainer, says the same principles used to teach horses are necessary to teach students.

"Our program is so simple because it does give specific tools that you can use in your classroom the next day. There's nothing to read. There's no video to buy. And so it's a simple process that they can use to change the world. And to change education."

Hutson began "The Cowboy Solution" three years ago and holds programs throughout Texas and Colorado. With the help of an equine friend, Dr. Hutson uses comedy and audience interaction to drive home the values of effective communication, keeping learning simple, and being persistent.

Brooke Walleck, a first-year teacher at Terry High School, says Hutson's novel approach really grabs teachers' attention.

"At first, I was pretty skeptical about your going to compare students to horses, but.....he does it very well. And actually a lot of the techniques I will bring back to my own classroom, as far as communication goes."

Dr. Hutson hopes to see "The Cowboy Solutions" grow in popularity in the future. More information on Dr. Hutson and "The Cowboy Solution" can be found at

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