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There are five major candidates running for the office of Governor of Texas. For the next few weeks Houston Public Radio's Rod Rice will ask each what he or she sees as the main issues facing Texas voters. The Libertarian Party claims to be the third largest political party in Texas and in the country. The Libertarian candidate for Governor believes that his party is the real alternative choice for Texas.

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James Werner says he is best summed up as being fiscally conservative and socially tolerant. He says government spending in Texas has been increasing to the point that fiscal conservatives should be concerned.

"My intension is to bring that spending under control, to scrap our existing tax system and replace it with "The Texas Fair Tax". In other words there will be no more property taxes, no more business franchise taxes, no more confiscatory fees and levies. We'll be having a consumer sales tax on all new goods and services which will be more than enough to fund the states key priorities. With respect to social tolerance I want to revamp the criminal justice system in Texas which really has unfortunately destroyed the lives of countless individuals. Fact that we continue to prosecute crimes that have no victims, crimes in which the perpetrators have hurt no one except perhaps themselves is very unfortunate. We need to scale back laws against victimless crimes and ultimately eliminate and remove them. We need to clear out our prisons of folks who are there for hurting no one but themselves. This will save untold tax dollars, it will improve the safety of law enforcement personnel and it will make our state a much more humane and just place in which to live."

Werner says for many parents secondary education in Texas has failed miserably.

"My proposal is to dramatically increase school choice for all parents through my universal school voucher program. Parents who enjoy and appreciate the schools that their children are currently attending will simply be allowed to continue to send their kids to those schools. But it is the parents who are forced to send their kids to failing schools that will see all kinds of new and fresh educational options arise. They will be able to send their kids to those schools using these vouchers, breaking the iron grip, the monopoly, of the government education system of today."

On immigration and border security, Libertarian Werner wants a far more rational policy put in place.

"I propose the free movement of free people. Anyone with a strong back, a good idea and the will to work should have the right to come to the United States with a work visa, following a criminal background check and work here doing an honest days work for an honest day's wage."

Next Monday morning we'll hear about the issues as seen by Independent candidate Kinky Friedman.

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