Kinky Visits UH

Independent gubernatorial candidate Kinky Friedman brought his campaign to the University of Houston. Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura joined Friedmans in the effort to get college students to the polls. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports

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At the student union, a UH fraternity held a voter registration drive.

"Register to vote."

Humorist Kinky Friedman told a full room of a couple hundred college students that musicians can do a better job than politicians. Friedman is touring college campuses with fromer Minnesota Governor and Independent Jesse Ventura. Friedman says career politicians ignore the younger generations.

"That is why you saw Kerry and Bush in the last debates, the main topics were presciption drugs and social security, they know old people vote, young people don't."

But Friedman is betting that can change in this November's gubernatorial election. Ventura says it's a process that worked for him.

Kinky Friedman and Jesse Ventura"The kids are giving him standing ovations and cheering, just like what happened in Minnesota. You know why? We're paying attention to the young people. The career politician doesn't do that."

One student at the event says hearing a candidate talk about issues important to them, such as college tuition, will motivate her to get to the polls. Another student UH Junior Christina Cayton has her doubts about what an independent can do in office.

"I think it's a nice message. I think they are going to run into a lot of opposistion."

Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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