NFL Opens Afterschool Youth Center in Houston

The Super Bowl in Houston may have been a couple of years ago, but things are still happening in the community as the result of hosting the big game. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports children on the north side have a new NFL Youth Education Town.

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One of the goals for bringing the Super Bowl to Houston in 2004 was to do positive things for the community. Host Committee Chairman Chuck Watson.

"We did that. We were able to provide over ten million dollars directly and indirectly because the Super Bowl was here."

The latest evidence is the grand opening of the NFL Youth Education Town in north Houston. It'll focus on after school activities for youth.

"My capacity at this time is about 480. I'm expecting about 490."

YET Center Branch Manager Tiffany Burks says children are in need of a safe place to play. She says they'll be working with the surrounding schools including having teachers and administrators taking part in activities with the children.

"It's easier to get kids on the right page if you show them you care for them and not just ruling them and bossing them. So pretty much, yeah, the school district over here, they were just needing a place for the kids to play in a safe environment. So we are brining that to them and they're pretty much bringing us the kids."

The NFL usually donates one million dollars to build one center in a city. But for Houston, the NFL put up two million dollars to match the two million coming from Harris County. The Super Bowl committee then donated another million and the result is two YET Centers will be built. The second is scheduled to open in another month or two. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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