Friday on The Front Row

Director Lynne McCabe and a couple of the actresses from the cast of her Houston production of Birth, talk about Karen Brody's play, fashioned out of the stories of more than a hundred ordinary women, who talked about their experiences of childbirth. . .

Birthξis being presented all over the country this weekend as part of the initiative, BOLD - Birth on Labor Day.ξ. .ξ

Doctor Alessandro Carrera of the University of Houston will speak with us about the visionary work of the late Italian film director, Federico Fellini.ξ All but one of Fellini's twenty-three movies will be shown in a series that opens tomorrow night at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. . .

And we'll chat with writer Matthew Pearl, whose new novel, The Poe Shadow, might be called a historical literary mystery, in that its fictional main character tries to unravel the secrets surrounding the enigmatic death of writer Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore in 1849.

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