The Front Row, 08/31/2006

In the final installment in a series, Composer/Critic Greg Sandow takes exception to a collegue's claims that there is no Crisis in Classical Music. Sandow says there is a very real danger that serious music is being marginalized in Western culture, and he suggests some more ways to stop this trend. . .

Greg Sandow is the classical music critic who is currently in the process of "performing" a book on-line about The Future of Classical Music. In part 3 of our series, Sandow talks with KUHF's Chris Johnson about more ways to stop the downward trend in audience attendance at classical concerts. He also takes exception to a colleagues claim that, although changes are happening, there is no crisis in the classical music business.ξListenξ Downloadξ

(Full Interview: Listen Download)
NEA Survey of Public Participation in the Arts
NY Times/Alan Kozinn article

RebeccaξGreene Udden is theξArtistic Director of Houston's Main Street Theater about the upcoming 2006-2007 season.ξListenξ Downloadξ *Extended Interview*

In the third part of a series, University of Houston Architect Tom Diehl talks with Dean Dalton about the "McMansion", theξpredominant style of home design from the 1980's to the present. Listenξ Download




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