Tuesday on The Front Row

Greg Sandow is a composer and music commentator who is currently writing a book on "The Future of Classical Music". In the first portion of a three-part conversation with KUHF's Chris Johnson, Greg Sandow will talk about why he thinks the "Classical-Music Crisis" is real, and how we got ourselves into this situation.

We'll also check in with our architecture commentator, University of Houston professor Tom Diehl, who this week is going to discuss three of Houston's distinctive styles of private homes, starting tomorrow with the small one-family bungalows that are so common in the city's older neighborhoods.

Join us each weekday afternoon at 3:00 for an up-close look at the Houston area arts scene on The Front Row.

KUHF's latest internet offering includes a weekly excerpt fromξour archive of local concert recordings. It's part of the newξThe Front Row Performance of the Week Podcast.


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