Hurricane Katrina Evacuees Meeting

Many Hurricane Katrina evacuees living in Houston are struggling to find specific information about their homes back in New Orleans. Several organizations are partnering this weekend to assist in this effort. Houston Public Radio's Paul Pendergraft explains.

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On Sunday afternoon, at TSU, representatives from The Metropolitan Organization, The Jeremiah Group of New Orleans, Dallas Area Interfaith and other public service groups are meeting with local evacuees to help them find specific information about the recovery underway back home. Carolyn Schexnayder is an Katrina survivor and she's working with the Metropolitan Organization. She says members of the New Orleans City Council Planning Commission will be on hand to answer questions about specific neighborhoods.

"We're going to collaborate and get information from New Orleans about available properties, housing, apartments and the development of the infrastructure and they're going to give this information to us. Here, we're going to identify those who want to return to New Orleans and we'll have this information available for them."

She says they've called and talked to hundreds of evacuees from New Orleans who are hungry for information and they're encouraged to attend this Sunday afternoon meeting to get answers to any questions they may have. The meeting is scheduled from 3-6:30 in the Rod Paige Auditorium on the campus of TSU this Sunday.

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