Houston Airports Run Smoothly Despite Terror Scare

Houston airports are running smoothly in the wake of the British terror arrests despite more intense security screening and strict carry-on guidelines. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams has an update.

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Airport officials say they've doubled-up on security measures at both Houston airports, with the normal TSA checks and then random, secondary checks at gate areas. The Houston Airport System's Marlene McClinton says carried-on liquids are still banned on all flights.

"You may buy liquids on the concourse, but they must be consumed prior to boarding the aircraft. There are random screenings going on at the actual gate area prior to boarding to make sure none of the liquids are being carried onto the aircraft."

McClinton says passengers headed to London from Houston are allowed no carry-on items until further notice.

"They can bring only essential items in a clear plastic bag, which would mean your passport, your drivers license, that sort of thing. But they are not allowed to have carry-on if you are flying to London, and the same is happening to those flying from London."

Although both big airports have reported very few delays, officials are encouraging passengers to arrive earlier than normal for flights out of Houston.

"It is in the best interest of passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance if you are flying domestically and three hours in advance if you are flying internationally."

McClinton says she isn't sure how long the increased security measures will be in place, but expects no major changes at least through the weekend.

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