Wallace Running as Write-In

The Mayor of Sugar Land says he's going to run as a Republican write-in candidate in the 22nd Congressonial District race to replace Tom DeLay who resigned from congress and moved to Virginia after winning the March primary.

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Wallace will face Democrat Nick Lampson. Wallace made his announcement with little fanfare, a sign, says Rice University political science professor Bob Stein that this will not be an all out fight for the seat this time around.

"What you're beginning to see is, if not a concession that Lampson is going to get elected. Pretty much they've been told probably that the money for a candidate like David Wallace is not there, and if David Wallace decides to run as a write-in candidate it's merely to position himself for the 2008 presidential election when he will challenge what will likely now be incumbent Nick Lampson."

Stein echoes the thoughts of other political analysts that a write-in effort is difficult in general and even more so in this case.

"Mr. Wallace is the Mayor of Sugar Land, but I don't believe he has the kind of financial backing and name recognition to run in four counties. And for that reason I would expect it to be, if not impossible extremely difficult to mount an effective write-in campaign, and the e-slate only makes that more difficult."

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