Digital Radio Comes to KUHF!

Within the next few weeks, KUHF-FM Houston Public Radio will add HD Digital FM radio to its broadcast service to the community. At this time, the final testing of the new system is underway.

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HD Radio

HD Radio will operate in addition to the "traditional" 88.7 FM signal, which will continue as before. To receive HD Radio, you must have a new receiver, either in your car or at your office/home. All new HD Radio receivers will also get FM 88.7, so your new radio will get all the available FM and HD services. At this time, nine Houston-area radio stations are simulcasting in HD Digital and KUHF will soon be the tenth.

HD Radio will provide KUHF listeners with near-Compact Disc quality, along with reduced interference and less static, especially when driving around Houston.

But, even more exciting is the multiple program channel feature of HD Radio.
KUHF will eventually offer two independent HD Radio channels, one for classical music and one for NPR news and information. These two HD Radio channels will also be streamed over the Internet via the KUHF website.

HD Radios are now available through a number of sources in Houston and via the Internet. If you so choose, you may buy your HD Radio for car or office through and KUHF-FM will receive a percentage of the sale. Check out these links:

Boston Acoustics Receptor HD Clock Radio (Platinum)

JVC KD-HDR1 CD player with built-in HD Radio tuner and MP3/WMA playback

Yet another digital radio gives you access to KUHF's digital broadcasting, including radio stations all over the world, by accessing our audio streaming through wireless Internet, or Wi-Fi. The Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Radio is easy to use--no computer needed, no software to load, no complex set-up.



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