The Front Row, 07/26/2006

Choreographer Michele Brangwen and her Dance Ensemble have joined forces wih trumpeter Carol Morgan and Jazz Quartet to create a new collaborative work, Sweet Land. . .

Trumpeter Carol MorganHouston-based dancer-choreographer Michele Brangwenξ have joined forces with trumpeter Carol Morgan and her Jazz quartet to create Sweet Land.ξIt'sξa piece that celebrates the legacy of the uniquely American spirit and speculates on where it might lead us. The work recieves it's premiereξthis weekend at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex. It incorperates movement, original music, and video by Yunuen Perez Vertti. Ms. Brangwen and and Ms. Morgan and her quartet joined KUHF's Elaine Kennedy Studio 3-c for a preview and discussion. Audio here.ξξ

The Alley Theatre's Black ComedyThe Alley Theatre presents Peter Shaffer's Black comedy as the 2nd of it's two Summer Chills offerings. Almost all of the action of this new show takes place in total darkness, because of an electrical power failure in the London flat of a somewhat conniving young artist., Brindsley Miller, whose future rests upon making a good impression on two gentlemen who are going to call on him the very evening of the blackout. Actor Jamison Stern plays Brindsley and spoke with KUHF's Bob Stevenson.ξAudio here.ξ

Houston Shakespeare Festival's Titus AndronicusTitus Andronicus is the least-often produced of Shakespeare's plays set in ancient Rome. In this tale of revenge and political strife, Roman general Titus Andronicus returns to the city after defeating the Goths, bringing with him Queen Tamora, whose eldest son he has slain. Various planned political marriages don't pan out, and eventually the late emperor's son, Saturnius, and Queen Tamora are conspiring against Titus. The 2006 Houston Shakespeare Festival presents five performances of Titus Andronicus, begining Sunday evening at Miller Outdoor Theatre. Veteran Houston Actor Rutherford Cravens appears in the title roal and spoke with TFR host Dean Dalton. Audio here.ξ



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