TV Boss Campaign

The Ad Council is launching a national campaign to show parents how to take control of what their children see on television, and they've enlisted the aid of the man who pioneered the ratings system for movies -- former Movie Czar and former Houston ad-man Jack Valenti. Houston Public Radio's Jim Bell reports.

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As head of the Motion Picture Assocation of America for more than 40 years, Jack Valenti says he developed the movie rating system for one reason: he's against censorship. He says adults are free to choose their own entertainment and movie ratings help them make choices. He says the Ad Council's TV Boss campaign will do the same thing for television, by empowering parents to take charge of what they and their children see on TV.

"You don't want government stepping in to do this. I'm an implacable enemy of the government trying to tell parents how to raise their children, what they should read or where to go to school, or how they should conduct themselves. This is parental responsibility."

Valenti says millions of parents don't know they can block offensive or inappropriate programs on their television sets, and most who do know don't know how. The Ad Council's TV Boss campaign that starts next month will guide parents to sources of information they need to learn how it's done. It's going to be the biggest public service ad campaign ever done.

"Never before has there been such a huge epic scale of a campaign like this, because every television station in the country, every national broadcast network, every cable system, every direct broadcast satellite system, every movie studio, TV programmer, and the Consumer Electronics Association have all banded together."

You can get more information about the TV Boss Campaign in a link on our website KUHF dot org. Jim Bell, Houston Public Radio News.

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