British Bankers Not Allowed to Return to UK Before Trial

Three former british bankers extradited it Houston to face Enron-related charges will not be allowed to return to the UK before their trial. Houston Public Radio's Ed Mayberry reports.

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Three British bankers charged with Enron-related fraud must remain in the U.S. while they await trial. Federal magistrate Steven Smith today ruled the men can remain free on bond, but they can't leave the Houston area. Attorneys for the trio sought permission for them to return to England while awaiting trial. But prosecutors noted all three had fought extradition before being flown to Texas last week. Gary Mulgrew expressed his disappointment.

"I feel that my sentence has begun today. I'm away from my family, my children, people I care about. I think that makes things very tough."

David Bermingham also spoke with reporters, many of whom are from the U-K, where there is intense interest in the case.

"We are tough people, but I'm not underestimating the difficulties that face us. It might be regarded as a form of psycological torture, if you wish."

Michael Sommer is the attorney representing Giles Darby.

"I think he knows now he's not going to be going home for a while. That's obviously very sad for him, and he's concerned how he will support himself and support his defense and his effort to vindicate his name."

All three each face seven counts of wire fraud, with trial set for September 11th. They allegedly colluded with former Enron chief financial officer Andy Fastow in a 2000 secret financial scam. Ed Mayberry, Houston Public Radio News.

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