Local Food Program Targets Seniors

A new government food program aimed primarily at low-income senior citizens in Harris County is looking for participants to sign-up before the end of the month. Houston Public Radio's Jack Williams reports.

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The Community Supplemental Food Program begins service in Harris County in August and will focus on elderly residents who meet certain income requirements. The Houston Food Bank will distribute a box of food to 8500 participants once a month through the end of December. This is CEO Brian Greene.

"Each box has about 5 days worth of food and it's juice, canned fruit, canned vegetables, milk, cereal, cheese, we've got the government cheese in there, some sort of starch item, a canned protein item. So it's a very good balanced box that helps seniors stretch their dollars."

Houston was added to the program list because of its role as a temporary home to thousands of New Orleans residents displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Agency Services representative Kendrick Johnson says the program is new to Harris County, but familiar many evacuees.

"There's a lot of Katrina victims that are here in Harris County that are familiar with the program because they were associated with it in New Orleans. This will be a re-introduction to them and an introduction to native Houstonians."

The deadline to sign-up for the program is July 30th.

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