Galveston Causeway

The Texas Department of Transportation is about half-way through with its four year, $136 million expansion of the Galveston Causeway and on Sunday morning at 8:00 am, all traffic-in both directions-will be halted for about a half an hour. Houston Public Radio's Paul Pendergraft explains.

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Norm Wiggington of TXDOT says the contractors will be demolishing some of the old support columns underwater. The causeway itself will not be affected, but for safety reasons, traffic will be interupted for a few minutes while they do the underwater demolition.

"The pier and beam that are the lowest to the sea level...the most deep....we're actually going to go in and do a little demolition work to actually take those beams below the sea bed level. So that means when we're completely finished there you won't be able to see where anythings left. So we're not going to leave any protrusions, so we actually have to go below the sea bed level and that's what the demolition is for".

Wiggington says the new road surface will be about twice as wide as it used to be and once they're finished, it will serve as an impressive gateway to the island.

"We'll start planting of the seagrass. We'll do all the mitigation in that particular area and then on shore, we'll do some other planting. We'll be putting in pylons. We'll be putting in oleanders. We'll be putting in palm trees. It's going to be a really dramatic entranceway when we're finished in another two years".

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