Harris County Bat Tests Positive for Rabies

A bat in northeast Harris County has tested positive for rabies. Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services says it's another reminder for people to take precautions. Houston Public Radio's Capella Tucker reports

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This bat was found on the doorstep of a house near Crosby. Harris County Public Health and Environmental Services spokeswoman Sandy Kachur says, unlike the Humble case where a boy died after being bitten by a bat while he slept, there's no known human exposure in this case. Kachur says it is a reminder for adults and children that bats should not be handled.

"They should be warned to avoid all sick or injured animals, especially bats. If you see bats in the day time flying around, that's usually not normal, they are pretty much in the evening. So you need to stay away and teach your children to stay away and tell an adult if they see any kind of animal like that."

Kachur says everyone should make sure rabies vaccinations for cats, dogs and other animals are up to date. This is the 31st bat to test positive for rabies in Houston - Harris County this year. Kachur says that number is not unusual. Capella Tucker, Houston Public Radio News.

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